The monthly draw takes place in the Bar on the fourth Wednesday of the month, usually about 8.30pm, with independent adjudication. All welcome.

To join …

* arrange a monthly direct debit
* take part in a monthly draw for the BIG CASH PRIZE* (plus two runner-up prizes)
* take part in the annual Xmas Draw for an even bigger prize and lots of runners-up cheques!

Application forms can be printed from here – post to the club or drop off in the membership box in the Pavilion Bar. Or you can collect one of these forms in the Bar.

Please spread the word to colleagues, friends and family – it’s a great way to raise funds for the Club. Gift aid will make the donation even more generous!

Past Winners - 2018

January: 1st Grace Hodge – 2nd James Carr – 3rd Robert Wood

Past Winners - 2017

December: 1st James Carr, 2nd Derek Appleby, 3rd Joan Swift, 4th Janet Cook, 5th Doug Hudson, 6th Horace Regnart
November: 1st David Woodley, 2nd Phil Hudson, 3rd Nigel Stembridge
October: TBC
September: TBC
August: 1st Mark Nygate; 2nd Keith Brown; 3rd Grace Hodge
July: 1st Jason Hill; 2nd Gillian Woodley; 3rd Nick Humble
June: 1st Suky and Ross Drummond; 2nd Doug Hudson; 3rd Lynne Hudson
May: 1st Dan Humble; 2nd Sandra Boustead; 3rd Richard Howarth
April: 1st Doug Hudson; 2nd Dan Humble; 3rd Phil Hudson
March: 1st Alan Dotchin; 2nd Paul Jacques; 3rd Steve Calvert
February: 1st Stefan Bainbridge; 2nd Suky and Ross Drummond; 3rd Rob Walker
January: 1st Hilary Hardy; 2nd Richard Howarth; 3rd Doug Hudson

Past Winners - 2016

January: 1st Suky & Ross Drummond, 2nd James Carr, 3rd Stefan Bainbridge
February: 1st Keith Brown, 2nd Patrick McMorran, 3rd Bruce Rannie
March: 1st Grace Hodge, 2nd Janet Cook, 3rd Neil Curry
April: 1st Nick Humble, 2nd Sandra Boustead, 3rd Barrie Craven
May: 1st Mark Nygate, 2nd Lynne Husdon, 3rd Rob Creswick
June: 1st Doug Hudson, 2nd Keith Brown, 3rd Dan Humble
July: 1st Dan Humble, 2nd Lynne Hudson, 3rd Paul Jacques
August: 1st Lynne Hudson, 2nd Bruce Rannie, 3rd Malcolm Culson
September: 1st Phil Hudson, 2nd Doug Hudson, 3rd Michael Cook
October: 1st Lynne Hudson, 2nd James Carr, 3rd Rob Walker
November: 1st Lynne Hudson, 2nd Suky and Ross Drummond, 3rd Tony Woodley
December: 1st Janet Cook, 2nd Kev Mossom, 3rd David Woodley, 4th Neil Curry, 5th Rob Creswick, 6th Mary Hill

Past Winners - 2015

January: 1st: Neil Curry 2nd: Nick Humble 3rd: Phil Hudson
February: 1st: Olwyn Hocking 2nd: John Connor 3rd: Jason Hill
March: 1st: Paul Jacques 2nd: Rob Creswick 3rd: Geoff Fimister
April: 1st: Margaret Woodley 2nd: Phil Hudson 3rd: Grace Hodge
May: 1st: Paul Jacques 2nd: Robert Davidson 3rd: Neil Curry
June: 1st: John Connor 2nd: Phil Hudson 3rd: Keith Brown
July: 1st: Allan Knaggs 2nd: Olwyn Hocking 3rd: James Murray
August: 1st: Joan Swift 2nd: Peter Woodley 3rd: Patrick McMorran
September: 1st: Olwyn Hocking 2nd: Mark Pearce 3rd: Austin Baird
October: 1st: Doug Hudson 2nd: Olwyn Hocking 3rd: Sandra Boustead
November: 1st: Rob Walker 2nd: James Carr 3rd: Geoff Fimister
December: 1st: Patrick Morrison 2nd: Mark Pearce 3rd: Grace Hodge 4th: John Connor 5th: Gordon Mallen; 6th Olwyn Hocking.