Using this form:

  • Select your Location – under current restrictions only outdoor locations are permitted. We are currently arranging cover for a limited number of tables. We will confirm closer to the date the extent of this covering. Please dress appropriate to the conditions and your seating choice. 
  • Select your day type – either weekday (Mon-Fri) or Weekend (Sat or Sun).
  • Select the date of your visit
  • Select the times your wish to book for. 3 hour slots are available. You may book multiple slots, however these will needed to be booked separately – just refresh the page and pick you new slot. Please use the same lead contact so we know your booking is continuous.
  • PLEASE NOTE: the final weekend slot finishes at 11pm, not midnight – this is a quirk of the booking system we are working on!
  • Fill in your details. You will be the contact point for your entire group in line with any contact tracing requirements.
  • From 12th April groups of six are permitted to meet outside. You may therefore book for groups of up to six.
  • We will be employing a policy of responsible drinking at all times. If any of your group members are behaving outside the respectable parameters or failing to comply with social distancing regulations, your entire group may be asked to leave. 
  • You must read the terms and conditions – these cover adherence to social distancing requirements and acceptable behaviour. You must tick to confirm you have read and accept these, as well as the storage of your data for Track and Trace purposes in line with GDPR. 
Customer Code of Conduct Agreement - MUST READ BEFORE BOOKING!

 Where possible, guests should book attendance in advance. Bookings should be for a maximum of six people, which is a legal requirement. We will accept walk ins if there is space but bookings will get priority. You will also be asked to sign in if you have not booked in advance.

Drinks can be ordered via our online ordering system at . Please speak to a member of staff if there are any queries.

Customers will be assigned a table on arrival, and must stick to this table throughout their stay. Please only leave your seat to use the toilet or exit the premises.

Customers MUST wear a face covering (unless exempt) if they enter the building e.g. toilet access.

One way systems to and from the toilets will be marked, please respect these.

Both ladies and gents toilets will have a maximum occupancy of two at a time. Please check occupancy before entering, and if full, wait in the marked areas, using a “one in, one out” system.

Guests most follow all government social distancing rules. Please remain 2m from anyone outside your household where possible, or 1m with mitigation, if this is not feasible. Seating has been arranged so as to facilitate this, so please do not move any tables. Please speak to a member of staff if you have any requests.

Please follow all hygiene guidance. This includes thorough washing of hands as per guidance posters, especially after using the toilet facilities. Hand sanitisers will be available at the entrance/ exit and throughout the premises.


We would like all our members and guests to enjoy the facilities we provide in a safe manner, so please drink responsibly. Please be patient as we adapt to the ever changing landscape, and respect the work our staff are doing. Any abusive behaviour towards our staff will result in being requested to leave the premises immediately, and the police will be called if required. Failure to comply with social distancing or hygeine guidelines may results in being asked to leave the premises.

We want everyone to have a great time, but the safety of all our guests, staff and the wider community is of paramount importance, and must be prioritised. The measures we have taken to ensure this are available on our website.

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