Pavilion and Ground by-laws

1. Parents and carers are asked to ensure the health and safety of children by taking care to watch for cricket balls crossing the boundary at speed – please warn young people to be aware of these risks at all parts of the ground.
2. No dogs are allowed unless by discretion of Bar staff if they are tethered and under the control of their owner. Under no circumstances may they go onto the pitch.
3. Alcohol must not be brought into the ground or Pavilion except when a corkage arrangement has been agreed with the Steward.
4. No adults may play football on the ground/field. Younger children may play on the outfield providing there is no cricket match on and by discretion of the member of staff on duty.
5. Any broken glass must be reported to the bar staff as soon as possible.943209_338944872902002_1205344289_n


1. Liquor may be supplied on the Club premises to members and others as laid down in these Bye-Laws and in accordance with the Licence held by the Club. The hours permitted shall be laid down by the Committee and shall not exceed those laid down in the Licence.
2. Liquor shall be sold to persons who have attained the age of 18 years as follows:
a) Members of Newcastle Cricket Club.
b) Players, officials, supporters and their partners, of visiting cricket teams on the occasion of an arranged cricket match on the ground either by Newcastle Cricket Club, Newcastle Royal Grammar School (RGS) or Northumberland County Cricket Club. This shall include clubs to whom the ground has been sublet by Newcastle RGS.
c) Umpires and officials of Cricket Leagues or Associations who are attending the ground in an official capacity.
d) Members of the families of pupils of Newcastle Royal Grammar School.
e) Staff in the employ of Newcastle Cricket Club or Newcastle Royal Grammar School.
3. A member may introduce friends as guests. These shall be limited to a maximum of four at any one time and their names and full addresses shall be entered in the Visitors Book kept for this purpose in the bar and countersigned by the member. No guest may be introduced more than six times in any twelve month period.
4. Persons other than club members may be admitted on the occasion of functions duly authorised by the Club committee. Liquor may only be provided to those who have attained the age of 18 years.
5. Children under the age of 14 shall not be permitted in the bar after 9 pm. Before that time, parents and carers are asked to ensure that stairs and walkways are kept clear for the health and safety reasons. Pupils of Newcastle Royal Grammar School shall not be permitted in the bar on any occasion.