Why Walk?

It’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s interesting – and it’s a painless way to stay healthy!

At Newcastle Cricket Club we support the JESMOND WALKS project because it’s a great way to enjoy our lovely surroundings – whether it’s the beautiful tree-lined space of Jesmond Cricket ground or the wider streets and green spaces around us.

And it’s also a great way to get all parts of the local community coming together to enjoy fresh air and exercise.

In Jesmond, lots of us have only small back yards and live in streets densely packed with houses and cars. But it’s surprising to learn how easy it is to get around on foot and on bike, and there are so many surprising and interesting things you can find just walking around and chatting to people.

Our project maps will help you on your way, while our guided walks give you the chance to meet new people.

People in the UK are less physically active than ever before. It’s reckoned lack of exercise accounts for 27,000 premature deaths every year and causes a host of health problems for others – so what better way to combat this than to get walking!

Apps and Aids

There’s a wide range of equipment and gadgets, some of them free, to help you get a better workout from walking-out!

Pedometers cost from few pounds upwards and can be carried in your pocket, measuring how many steps you take on your walk – or during your day if you want. Aim to work up to 10,000 steps a day over time.

Smartphone pedometers and apps can be downloaded for free . They’ll tell you the distance walked and calories used – like a gym machine, but more fun. You can set a daily steps target and find out what percentage you’ve done throughout the day.

Guided Walks

Everyone is welcome to share our fun, sociable guided walks – no booking required, and they’re free.

ClubThe next walk starts on Monday 25th May at 2pm – please meet at Newcastle Cricket Club Pavilion Bar on Osborne Avenue. We’ll be heading for the Quayside and expect to take just over two hours, with opportunities to stop along the way.

Newcastle_Quayside_with_bridgesThere is a bus stop half way along the route if you’d like to do a shorter walk.

Charity working to protect and expand the places people love to walk.
Charity standing up for pedestrians, helping to create safe, attractive, enjoyable streets.
Walking groups across the UK.
Local walks, preparing to start walking, walking if you have health conditions.
How to work your way up to your target.
See local history section under leisure and libraries for heritage information.
More on the area’s history.

We look forward to seeing you!

Walking Roues – Jesmond and Beyond

Let’s get more out of our local community and get some more exercise without even noticing! Our walking routes are here to guide you.

A series of routes will cross Jesmond and radiate out to other interesting areas including
the city centre, Heaton and the Quayside.

You can follow them by using our handy maps, and you can print them out from our web page. They’re packed with useful information and tips including cafes, points of interest, heritage information, and bus stops to get you to and from the routes.

The JESMOND WALKS initiative is grateful for the support of the South Jesmond council ward, the Jesmond Community Forum, Newcastle CVS, and Newcastle Cricket Club.