Sachin Tendulkar

One legendary visitor was Sachin Tendulkar – he made his mark here as an 18 year old and the “little master” is still one of the world’s greatest ever players.

Our 1991 photo shows him in the Rest of the World team playing England.

A committee member recalls becoming an impromptu bouncer to keep over-enthusiastic female fans from the dressing room.

The Club still has the scoresheet for the match. It shows Tendulkar scored no fewer than seven sixes.

‘The Tendulker Six’

And we can reveal evidence that one of those was a truly historic knock. It actually went OVER the houses in Osborne Avenue. It is thought this had only ever happened once before, in 1949.

The ball itself has been kept as a treasured heritage memento!

Tendulkar’s inspirational performance here and career will be permanently recorded in our heritage project – and we hope he will be in the North East one day to mark the events here more than two decades ago.