Women’s Development squad Award winners 2012

Congratulations to the outstanding performers of the 2012 season. At the Presentation Night, Team Manager Cathy Hare praised the tremendous support provided by coaches and club members and the determination of the many new women players to develop skills. The result had been very rapid development across bowling, batting and fielding, and a very enjoyable season.

Durham CCC player Mike Richardson did the honours.

  • BEST BATTER – Laura Pearson
  • BEST BOWLER – Iram Kayani
  • BEST FIELDER – Katie Coombs (pictured at the end-of-season social where she received her trophy after dashing from the airport on return from holiday)
    • MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT – Cat Campbell

    There were also thanks to Gillian Woodley for her superb support as player, Umpire and all-round source of wisdom!


    And Kath Humble was thanked for outstanding support, taking part, supporting and catering.


    And there was a bouquet too for Cathy Hare, presented by Newcastle CC Co-Chair Olwyn Hocking on behalf of the club, for making the new squad possible.


    Many thanks to Steve Brock for providing photographic services.