Victorian Ghosts!

Cricketers from the very first match at the Jesmond Ground were surprise guests at West Jesmond School, as it marked the event’s 125th anniversary.

Victorians n ball n pupils

The face-to-face encounter gave hundreds of pupils and teachers the chance to ask questions direct about that first match in July 1888 and the Ground’s history. BBC Look North present Sharuna Sagar was quizzing current players Jen Haslam and Richard Stanyon about the anniversary, when the sound of breaking glass was followed by the two “ghosts” bursting in

The whole school wore Victorian dress and held special activities to learn more about the remarkable stories from the past.

whole school

Pupils took part in an impromptu match – with the best players winning the honour of cutting a birthday cake so huge there was enough for everyone in the school.


Many thanks to Saints deli fron nearby Brentwood Avenue for their wonderful creation!

winners 1

winner in action

winners 2

The four winners were Tasneem Aljibouri (age 11, Year 6), Joe Rowland (age 9, Year 4), Woody Wilson (age 7, Year 2( and Jacob Proctor (age 6, Year 1).

Teachers also got into the Victorian spirit!

teachers 1


You can find out about the school’s two days at the Jesmond Ground here, and the exact anniversary itself here.

And there’s plenty of background on the remarkable history of the Jesmond Ground here.