Outdoor classroom to mark 125th

The Jesmond Ground became an outdoor classroom for two days as part of West Jesmond School’s celebrations of the 125th anniversary.


Every pupil got their hands on bat and ball and took part in the excitement of matches.


Club volunteers helped them find out secrets about the club on a Discovery Trail around the Ground and Pavilion.

Newcastle CC Heritage visit by West Jesmond Primary School 11th July 2013


And activity packs kept everyone busy with Cricket Maths, colouring, wordsearches and more – entries were collected for display at future anniversary events.

The day began with flags displayed by pupils who were very knowledgeable about the remarkable international links between some of the world’s best players and a Ground they recall with great affection.


A closeup demonstration was provided of batting and bowling. The legendary hits pf past visitors like “the Little Master” – India’s Sachin Tendulkar – were described but not quite copied by today’s players!

Children Waving 13th July 2013 web


Families joined a lunchtime picnic, and the school’s Reporter Club launched the Audio Guides telling the stories of the Memorial Benches. These were prepared with the help of Jesmond Local website reporters and volunteer Chris Inglis.

audio guides_11072013HERITAGE-wjesatground0313

There are reports on West Jesmond’s Victorian day (complete with ghost cricketers!) here and the ceremonies at the exact anniversary of 14 July 1888 here.

And there’s plenty of background on the remarkable history of the Jesmond Ground here.