New Year 125 Club winners

The big Boxing Day draw had some great prizes! It marked the end of the first year of the 125 Club. If you’d like to get involved in 2013, here’s all the details.

1st £200 – No 21 Ray Eden
2nd Bottle Chanel No 5 – No 42 Richard Howarth
3rd Bottle Dolce & Gabbana “The One for Men Sport” – No 39 John Connor
4th Bottle Jack Daniels – No 18 Sandra Boustead
5th 12 bottles of Real Ale – No 28 Mary Hill
6th Key Ring from Lords with Logo – No 16 Suky & Ross Drummond
7th Big box of Chocolates – No 15 Janet Cook

The next draw will take place in the clubhouse on Wednesday 23rd January and will revert to the usual monthy prizes.