Junior Sponsorship Opportunities

It’s a great time to be at the WASPS. We have put in a lot of hard work over the last few years to try and ensure that all our Junior members get the very best access to equipment and coaching that it is possible to have. Hopefully you would agree that we are doing pretty well!
However, all of this costs money and despite all the great stuff we have going on we operate on one of the smallest budgets in the league. We are hugely indebted to SPORT ENGLAND for their recent grant which has been used to purchase most of the kit the coaches and players of all ages can take for granted…but maybe you can help a little too…

Outlined below are a number of areas where we could use your help to support the junior WASPS. There are opportunities for every budget whether you are a parent who wants to help out or a local business looking to mix a great advertising opportunity with a chance to give back to the local community. We aren’t looking for hand outs to save money here…any donation or piece of sponsorship you can offer will free up funds to be ploughed straight back into the WASPS. In essence, whatever you put in, we can use our existing income to double the contribution and keep building the WASPS for years to come. Have a look…

1. Sponsor end of season presentation night. £250. (To include a free buffet/free soft drink for all juniors attending).
2. Sponsor a junior team £250. (To include Wasps shirts to play in etc.)
3. Sponsor a match ball £25
4. Sponsor a piece of kit£15-£30 for bat, pads, ball etc.
5. Sponsor a piece of training equipment. This could be anything from some reflex balls to help fielding drills to a new bowling machine.
6. Sponsor a coach. £150 over a season – coach could wear special top with sponsor company logo on it.
7. Sponsor a junior training night. If you could pay our coaches for one of our excellent Friday night sessions, that would mean that all the takings from that week would be profit which could again in turn be used in other areas. 10 coaches x £8 = £80

Maybe you would be able to (or know of somebody) who would be interested in being a benefactor; somebody who would be willing to lend their company name to the WASPS to cover the above (between £1000-£2500). In return we would offer one of our hoardings (increasingly popular and worth £150+VAT), a full page advert in our printed program (worth £120+VAT and distributed right around Jesmond) plus loads of signage inside and outside the club and on the kit.

It’s a big ask but whatever you can do to help us keep improving, no matter how small will be hugely appreciated. Thanks for your support. Keep up the buzz.