Girls&Women’s Presentation Night 2014

140905D_013The 2014 season had a very special talent to celebrate and so the Awards marked it in a special way. They invited along a surprise Special Guest to make the presentation. She’s from this region, and recently reached the very top in women’s team sport. England rugby union world cup winner – Katy McLean – was called up on stage to read out the citation:


The club has already recognised the talent of this player in recent Awards presentations. However this season has seen an all-round development which clearly merited something more. A new Cup, for Outstanding Player of the Year, is presented this year. The recipient has not only had an outstanding season with the bat, her usual strongest point – with two scores in the fifties and a terrific average – but her bowling has seen a considerable improvement, with 7 wickets, including a 3 for 13. Add to that her prowess in the field, and you have a truly outstanding all-rounder. The winner of this Cup – as I’m sure you all know – is Laura Pearson.

As her award embraced both Best Batter and Best Bowler, this year those trophies recognised Best Performances from other members of the squad.

BEST BATTING PERFORMANCE: the two with strongest performances were from Cathy and Cindy – their highest scores were almost identical. Katie and Ruth also had individual match performances where they performed the crucial task of notching up runs at speed, achieving higher run rates. All deserve recognition, but the selection is based on an excellent example of having a brief to deliver for the team and delivering it with bravery and determination. For an innings at South North which lasted 50 minutes, under severe pressure, allowing strike partners to thrive whilst also scoring as well, the award went to Katie Coombs.(Due to her holiday, her later trophy presentation will be added here).

140905D_017BEST BOWLING PERFORMANCE: Cindy has continued the development of her tight and economical spin bowling, despite being hampered by injury. Also in the wickets have been Josie, Ruth and Iram. Just edging it for her economy, which included a 2 for 5, the winner was Ruth Gibson.

jane keeps wicketBEST FIELDER: fielding has noticeably improved across the squad, with more anticipation, backing up, communication. Particular mentions go to Lorraine, great at cutting out the single, Ruth for a terrific catch, and congratulations to all the squad. However there was one clear winner. She has worked hard throughout the whole of the indoor training, and been rewarded with terrific accuracy of fielding, plus 2 catches, and 2 stumping. The winner for the second year running was Jane Cross.

140905D_018MOST IMPROVED PLAYER: Many of the squad, including those already mentioned, clearly deserved to be recognised for their continued improvement. On this occasion the award went to someone who has worked tremendously hard in her own time, as well as getting to as much training as her busy life allows, and as a result has secured a greater place in the squad. She’s already won a regional ECB award this year for her commitment to cricket: the winner was Gillian Woodley.

The season had the usual share of unexpected moments. Jane’s conviction that her “protective fleece” could withstand Laura’s missile-like bowling was one, another was the tangle we sometimes got into with Jen’s two-ball throwing drill at indoor nets. On the valiant side is Cindy’s battle to score 30 at South North when she had a bad back. However this season the award went to moments we’ll find more memorable over the years. 018We were fortunate at our Christmas Social to be joined by a waiter very similar to David Beckham – it was Nick supporting an event which had been suggested by Kath. We were delighted she managed to get there – she was determined to despite her serious illness – and it was just one of many shared moments since the time when she was a founder member of the women’s section. So this year’s award was dedicated to the late Kath Humble for many memorable moments.

Presentation to Kath as thanks for all her help starting the women's cricket team

Presentation to Kath in 2012 as thanks for all her help starting the women’s cricket team

Finally a match of a different kind – congratulations were sent to Hannah with best wishes for her nuptials next week.

You can see Katy taking part in a Question and Answer session here, with Durham CCC’s Michael Richardson, who presented the Junior WASPS Awards.

END-OF-SEASON REVIEW: by Team Manager Olwyn Hocking

The last year has seen an increase in demand for the training, with indoor nets requested across the autumn as well as from the end of January, and good attendances. Once outdoors, the squad has had the same occasional cancellations or late starts as other parts of the club, due to the very high use of the ground seven days a week mentioned earlier – we’re desperately keen that the funding for the new nets is won so that they’ll make coaching more guaranteed and also available at different times to fit around work and other commitments.

We also set out to increase the number of friendlies, as another training opportunity. Indoor cricket was suggested and arranged by Cindy and Cathy over the winter, and was great fun, with the Coach Lane venue proving the best. During the season, three were arranged, until the complications of moving matches to fit in with the congested Jesmond Ground meant it got a bit like a three-dimensional game of chess. Again, new nets will make this much easier to arrange. We’re looking forward to more opportunities next season, lead by our Development captains team of Ruth and Iram

140905D_021The squad also took part in a women’s tournament, on top of the 8-a-side League matches. The feedback from home and opposition alike is that performances have greatly improved, with many more matches being winnable, and a doubling of the number of victories! However we’ve no doubt we’re keen to increase that upward curve. There’s big thanks to coaches Ben and Harry for their commitment right across the season, with the impact particularly noticeable on fielding.

Special thanks to Captain Cathy Foster, not only for all her work over the season but also for masterminding the Special Guest and awards video and graphics.

Special thanks to Captain Cathy Foster, not only for all her work over the season but also for masterminding the Special Guest and awards video and graphics.

Off-the-pitch, I’d like to thank personally all the squad for their help given the lack of a Team Manager, I’ve attempted to fill in the vacancy but am very aware that my other club commitments mean it is a pale shadow of what the team deserves. Thanks are due in particular to Cathy, Cindy and Laura, the captaincy team, plus Rachel who’s sorted the great hoodie tops and led the planning on the Fundraiser event. We will appreciate everyone in the room considering if you know of a candidate – the details are on the Volunteering section of the website and we’d be delighted to chat to anyone with an interest.

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Many thanks to the Rock Project for their sponsorship of the Girls&Women’s squad – and their entertainment at the Awards event!

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