Girls&Women squad Team Manager

We’re delighted to announce that, after 18 months of searching to fill our vacancy, we have appointed the new Team Manager for the Girls&Women’s squad. Gill Woodley has kindly stepped in and is raring to go!

woodley umpires_Most of you know all her qualifications for the post but at the risk of embarrassing her, here’s a quick summary – pioneering female umpire, member of the new G&W squad since it was founded, happy to chat about scoring for as long as you like! – and also a winner of the ECB regional OSCA for her service to cricket (pictured below).

OSCA photo-2Gill will be handling the availability and selection texts, coordinating the selection with Match Captain Laura and Club Captain Cathy, and keeping in close touch with coaches over player feedback and training planning.

So if you need to text someone – it’s Gill you get in touch with from now on! You probably have her contact details: if not, here they are:

  • 07751 710356
  • Now that we have Gill’s leadership and energy, Cathy has requested the chance to step back a little due to the demands of her social worker job. She will have at least a month opting out of admin roles, while continuing to have an overview on development of the squad, in selection and in discussions with the coaches. So if Gill needs to delegate the communications, she’ll be working directly with Laura – and will let you know!

    Olwyn sends big thanks to everyone for their support in putting up with a temporary team manager who was juggling lots of other club plates and not able to give such an important part of the club the amount of time it deserves. Despite this neglect, the squad has continued to make progress, it’s been much commented on, thanks to all your commitment and enthusiasm.