Fireworks Refunds Details

We are now able to announce the refunds process for ticket holders to the cancelled 2015 fireworks display. How your refund is processed depends on how you bought your ticket and whether you have retained it (or proof of purchase). Please read the information below fully for details on how you can reclaim the cost of your ticket to the event.

We are immensely grateful to those people who have kindly been in touch to offer sympathy that the year-long effort of our volunteers to organise the event was thwarted this year by the weather; some have even offered to donate some or all of their ticket costs. This annual event involves well over 100 volunteers, all with the aim of raising funds towards the costs of sports participation and community engagement in Jesmond, as well as looking after the historic Jesmond Ground. The loss incurred on this year’s event is a great disappointment to all, and every little bit helps plug that gap.

Equally we understand that some people spent large sums on tickets for friends and family, and some had great inconvenience on the night, and it is quite reasonable to wish to recoup this expenditure.

Throughout this process we thank you for your patience – we expect to handle more than a thousand requests for more than 4,000 ticket purchases, which for a volunteer-run organisation is a huge undertaking.

If you purchased a Wristband in advance from the Club:

You will have been contacted by email or phone about how to process your refund. If you have not heard from us, please email

If you purchased directly from the Cricket Club, or one of our Jesmond retailers or community organisation partners:

All refunds are to be handled directly by the Club, whether you purchased from us or one of the other partner organisations in Jesmond. How we process your refund depends on whether you have retained your original tickets/proof of purchase.

Refunds in person – We will be running a number of drop-in sessions throughout November and December 2015 where we will be able to refund ticket-holders in cash. The first of these sessions will be on Thursday 26th November from 6pm to 8pm (approximately) at the Cricket Club. Further sessions are to be held on Wednesday 2nd December from 6pm to 8pm, and Saturday 5th December from 2pm to 4pm.

The final two sessions will be held on Monday 21st December 2015 (6pm to 8pm) and Saturday 9th January 2016 (2pm to 4pm). 

Please note we are only able to refund those people who have retained their tickets at these sessions.

If you are unable to make it to one of the drop-in sessions, or are reading this from mid-January onwards, you can request your refund by post. See details below. The scheme runs until 30 November 2016.

Refunds by post – If you do not live locally, or are unable to make one of our drop-in sessions, you can request a refund by post, which will be paid via cheque. Please download and complete this form, enclose your tickets, and post it to Newcastle Cricket Club, Osborne Avenue, Newcastle, NE2 1JS. Alternatively you can leave it in the letterbox outside the ground (between the noticeboards and the delivery gates).

If you have not retained your tickets you can still put in a claim for a refund – please fill in the appropriate section on the download form and post it to us; we will be as sympathetic as we can when dealing with such cases.

Please note that we will only be able to deal with applicants without tickets via post – we will be unable to do so at the ‘drop-in’ sessions.

All postal refund requests received by the end of December will be processed in early January, and thereafter we’ll process them in small batches every couple of weeks.

If you purchased via Groupon:

You should already have been contacted by email by Groupon about how to process your refund. If you have not heard from them, please email with your original purchase email/reference, they will be able to assist.

If you purchased via NEOffers:

Please email your booking confirmation to We are passing all refund requests on to NEOffers who will refund you directly.

What if I don’t want a refund?

It would have been easy for us to allow financial imperative to overrule spectator and volunteer safety on the evening of 8th November. The decision to cancel the event on safety grounds guaranteed a significant financial loss for the club, but we are happy that our independent professional Safety Officer took the correct decision.

If you do not wish to receive a refund then you do not need to do anything – the cost of your ticket will go towards offsetting the loss incurred by the cancellation of this event, and ensuring we continue to provide sporting facilities to the community, hopefully for years to come. If you would like to inform us that you will not be requesting a refund, a short email to would suffice, but is by no means necessary.

More information on the reasons for the cancellation, and answering your questions, can be seen here.