Debuts galore!

The rapid progress from “beginners” to “cricketers” has meant lots of debut performances from the members of the new Newcastle Women’s Development squad.

They’re all full of praise for the superb coaching from Neil, Tom, Nick, Dan, Peter and Mohammed.

Pictures from matches matches are on these pages – click once to make fullsize:

>Newcastle away to Tynemouth – 19 June 2012<

>Newcastle home to Corbridge – 23 July 2012<

>Newcastle home to Stocksfield – 25 July 2012<

>Newcastle away to Stocksfield – 7 August 2012<

>Newcastle away to Corbridge – 12 August 2012<

The results are now being filed on the ECB playcricket system and will be available in the next few weeks (all the rearranged dates due to rain are putting some gremlins in the servers).