Revelations about history of Jesmond Ground

More than a hundred people visited our Heritage Open Days, trying out a new Discovery Trail, created to mark the 125th anniversary of the Jesmond Ground, and bringing exciting new findings about its history.

Four display areas showed fascinating details about the Early Days; Internationals who’ve played here; Northumberland County club; and Local Links.

On show for the first time was the recently discovered newspaper report of the very first match. Taking part were the 10th Hussars and the Lords of Northumberland! This was on 14 July 1888 – many ideas were offered for how to mark it 125 years later in summer 2013. Watch this space for how this develops!

Many new facts were discovered thanks to the information brought by visitors. One couple brought a map from just before the creation of the cricket ground in 1887, showing that the area was simply fields – they kindly donated this to the club. Another visitor spotted a name in the scorebook out on show, and was aware that the man was so keen on the ground that he had asked to be buried as close as possible on the other side of the cemetery wall.

The event was part of a national English Heritage initiative.

The remarkable list of internationals who’ve played here totalled 175 at the start of the Open Days, but reached more than 200 by the end.

We’ll welcome new information, pictures and stories at any time. They might be sporting, they might be personal memories – everything about this very special ground is very welcome. Please feel free to write, email or pop in to see us.

The English Heritage background is available on Heritage Open Days website.