Cricketforce 2013 – CHILI AND CHILLY!

Many thanks to the fantastic Cricketforce 2013 volunteers. The Pavilion has been painted from top to toe; more than twenty bags of leaves, twigs and moss were cleared from the terraces; and the hoardings and barbecue “house” have also been painted.

Although it was the best day of the year so far, the temperatures were almost 20 degree C lower than 2012 – amazing! – so undercoats didn’t all dry in time to allow glossing. But we’ll be back to finish the job when the sun comes out!

Many thanks to more than thirty energetic volunteers, especially Kath and Doreen for a wonderful warming lunch (including chili, soups and irresistable cakes); to PAT-MAN Peter and Gill for PAT-testing all the equipment around the pavilion; to Neil for turning up early to help get everything ready; and to Niall for offering to do ANOTHER session with his power-hose!

And thanks to Newcastle Utd for giving us all something to cheer at the end of all the hard work.

Click on the pictures to see full version.

DSCF5382 - balloons_web

DSCF5337 - away stairs_web

DSCF5345 - signs_web

DSCF5370 - bag_web

DSCF5379 balocony left_edit - web

DSCF5376 - terrace_web

DSCF5354 - home stairs_web

DSCF5351 balcony_web

DSCF5389 - bar_web

DSCF5380_balcony right_web



Each year Cricketforce is a vital chance to prepare for the coming season, all help is greatly appreciated.

NatWest Gosforth team - up for the challenge!

NatWest Gosforth team – up for the challenge!

The team from Thomson Travel - enjoying tropical sunshine!

The team from Thomson Travel – enjoying tropical sunshine!