AGM info

The Annual General Meeting of Newcastle Cricket Club took place in the Thomson Pavilion Suite on Thurs 16 February.

The Agenda included:

* Annual Report – approved
* Annual Accounts – approved
* Election of Committee – the full Committee is listed here and on the Club Noticeboard.
* Constitutional Amendment.

The Full Constitution 2011 is on the Club Noticeboard and here. The following amendment was accepted:
The objects of the Club are to
2.1 provide facilities for and promote participation of the whole community in the sport of cricket.
2.2 work with local residents, public sector organisations, community and voluntary organisations and others to provide and develop community facilities for recreational, cultural, social, educational and leisure activities to improve the quality of life for the people living in Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding area

Further information is available from Secretary Olwyn Hocking
( or 07808 166313, write via club address or leave note in top post tray in Bar)